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Navigating the Product Lists
  • NAME OF LIST - There are four major categories of memorabilia on the site - Summer Games Artifacts, Winter Games Artifacts, Summer Games Bid Pins, and Winter Games Bid Pins. Each of these categories contain 15-20 "item pages," each of which contains a specific category of Olympic memorabilia. The example above is the Winter Games Medals list (note the yellow-highlighted "Winter Games" in the blue navigation bar). Bid pins are categorized by year. To go to the menu of "item pages" for one of the four major categories, click on the corresponding title on the blue navigation bar.

  • LAST REVISION/NUMBER OF ITEMS - The Last revision date corresponds to the most recent date upon which changes were made to the list. The number of items on the list is also displayed here.

  • "ADD TO LIST" CHECKBOXES - To place items on your purchase list, click on the checkboxes next to the description of the desired item(s). When you are finished choosing items, click on Add Items to List in the lower left-hand corner of the page. This process is similar to the "shopping cart" system in use on many Internet sites.

  • ADD ITEMS TO LIST - Click this button when you are finished choosing items from this item page. The items will be added to your purchase list, and the current page will reload.

  • TEXT-ONLY PAGE - Clicking this button will create a "pop-up" window containing the current page in text-only format. This is convenient if you wish to print out the list and browse it when you are away from your computer.

  • VIEW THIS CATEGORY... - When viewing Summer Games or Winter Games Artifacts item pages, you may wish to see items of the same type from the opposite category. On the above sample page, clicking on this button would load the Summer Games Medals page.

  • OTHER LISTS - This "pull-down" menu is a convenient method to quickly view other types of memorabilia in the current category. On the above sample page, the menu would contain links to the other 19 Winter Games item pages.

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